Family Traditions


One of my favorite days of the year is the Fourth of July.  Not only is it a day to celebrate our country, but it is a day to celebrate family.

When the kids were little, they would decorate their bikes for the Fourth of July parade.  With the family lining the streets and waving their American flags, the kids would ride their bikes along the parade route with a triumphant smile on their faces.

For the last several years, with my husband at the wheel and his dad in the passenger seat, we drive through the parade throwing candy to the kids in the crowd.  Before the parade, we head to the town square where we sample foods from all over the world and look at the cars in the classic car show.  Then after the parade, we run home to have a bbq with our friends and family. We have hamburgers and hotdogs, watermelon and a long time family favorite, homemade blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  We have volley ball games, ladder ball, croquet and a fireworks display after dark.

We are so fortunate to live in our beautiful country where we are free to celebrate our freedoms, surrounded by our friends and family.  Life is good.

Blessings to you.


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My passions in life are family, decor, entertaining, gardening, cooking and eating healthy, and giving back.

2 thoughts on “Family Traditions”

  1. Renae, your post brought back fond memories of the 50’s in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Indeed they were the good old less complicated days. My hope is that your efforts will help others focus on what made our country great God, family and friends. Thank you and may your blog receive His blessings! Milton


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