A Family Wedding

My sweet husband, Ron, and I just had the great pleasure of hosting the wedding of our beautiful niece, Tiffany, to her handsome new husband, John.  It was a day full of wonderful memories of precious moments that we will long cherish.  This wedding has been a true family affair as each family member played a role in making the wedding such a beautiful event, from putting together the bouquets, to making the wedding decorations, to hosting the rehearsal dinner.  We really do have a wonderful family.

IMG_4483This is our niece, Tiffany, riding in our 1940 Packard.  This car has been in our family for fifty years.  We have made many wonderful memories in it over the years.  The car was originally owned by my father-in-law, Ronald, Sr.  He brought my husband, his namesake, Ronald, Jr., home from the hospital in it when he was born.  Then, we brought our son, Ronald, III, home from the hospital when he was born.  Our kids used this car as a fort to play in while they were growing up. And now, our niece rode in this beautiful old car to her wedding, being driven by her grandfather, Ron, Sr.


IMG_4603My husband was the officiant for the service and did such an amazing job.IMG_4612This is John and Tiffany’s beautiful daughter. IMG_4611 Tiffany is holding a handkerchief that belonged to her great-, great-, great-grandmother.

IMG_4615After the ceremony, they were announced together as a family and  walked backed down the isle together.  It was a beautiful moment.  I love this photo because it captures Tiffany’s joy.

IMG_4532This is a great picture of John and the kids in the front yard.

IMG_4595Just after the ceremony, it rained like I have never seen it rain before. It was torrential!  I was so proud of the bride and groom, they didn’t let the rain dampen their day and we all had a wonderful time dancing in the rain.

IMG_4587We were rewarded with the most gorgeous sunset.  My niece, Lauren, took this picture.  When I told her that I was stealing this picture from her, she said that I had to give her credit for it.  So, Lauren, here is your credit.  You are an amazing photographer.

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One thought on “A Family Wedding”

  1. What beautiful pictures. The Bride’s dress is beautiful . It looked like it was a gorgeous
    affair. You know I heard that when it rains at a wedding it is a good omen. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Blessings, Sonya


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